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ModernTender's Bitcoin ATM services have the lowest rates in the united states. Providing an upscale bitcoin investing experience for our customers. find ModernTender BTMs in your favorite coffee shops in Colorado and Texas. With locations is denver bitcoin, boulder, bitcoin, houston bitcoin, greeley bitcoin, aurora bitcoin, fort collins bitcoin, and other bitcoin atms near you.

ModernTender Bitcoin ATM, Has the lowest fees in the country and gives you the freedom to join the global digital economy on your terms.

Welcome to the future of money.

  • No Bank Account Required
  • Invest in Bitcoin with Cash
  • Instant ID Verification
  • Instantly Transfer Bitcoin To Your Secure Wallet
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ModernTender Bitcoin ATM Locations

Bitcoin ATM Locations

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Using A Bitcoin ATM

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Host A Bitcoin ATM

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Bitcoin has received plenty of hype as the money of the future over the past few years, but what are the properties of this digital asset that set it apart from everything else on the market? What are the features of Bitcoin that get people to use it in the first place?

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ModernTender Bitcoin ATM

About Modern Tender

ModernTender Provides The Safest, Lowest Cost, And Highest Rated Bitcoin ATM’s (BTM) Globally. We Pride Ourselves On Providing You BTM Services With Integrity, Elegance, And Innovation; To Make Your Bitcoin ATM Experience Seamless And Enjoyable.

You Can Find ModernTender Bitcoin ATM’s currently located in Colorado and Texas. We Are Rapidly Expanding Our Bitcoin ATM Locations Across The United States.

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ModernTender Bitcoin ATM allows investors to buy and sell Bitcoins for U.S. Dollars Bitcoin ATM’s can be more expensive than online transactions as the infrastructure cost is higher – i.e. building an actual ATM and the steps that are actually needed to transfer the money and Bitcoins. The process is very simple, exchanging cash for bitcoin in 3 simple steps. First is to scan your bitcoin wallet QR-code address. Second, you scan the back of your Identification Card for KYC processing. Third insert your cash and bitcoin will be deposited into your wallet immediately. Once the transaction is complete, the BTM will provide a receipt in the form of a QR-code on the screen. Snap a photo of your receipt and you are done. Some BTM’s create a paper wallet – or cold wallet – for the investor to take with them. Bitcoin ATM’s are not money transmitting tools they are considered money services businesses and as such the businesses come under FinCEN regulations and have to comply with federal Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering procedures, or AML and KYC. Fees are in the range of 12%, though ModernTender as the lowest fees at 8%. Fees are generated and taken from bitstamp on a real-time basis. ModernTender manages its cash and Bitcoin exposure by balancing its inputs and outputs through live trading with its exchange – holding too much Bitcoin without hedging can introduce the possibility of risk for large profits or losses. Other problems come with banking as it has been extremely hard for cryptocurrency related businesses to get traditional banking and value access – so moving cash in and out can be problematic – hedging using various Bitcoin futures can be one method of mitigating risks involved due to volatile price fluctuations. ModernTender aims to introduce Bitcoin to a new populace by providing Bitcoin ATM services in highly trafficked locations and providing a seamless experience for new cryptocurrency investors. The other potential use for access is allowing the unbanked to gain access to digital currency and partake in international e-commerce. Essentially giving them the chance to become their own global bank as the spread of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency reaches all corners of the world.