Bitcoin Scam

Customer Alert: Bitcoin Scam – Xcel Energy

Xcel Bitcoin Scam

Here at Modern Tender, we work hard to provide a fast, safe and convenient customer
experience and we strive to offer the best customer service possible. This is because we care
about you, our customer. Thus, it’s with a heavy heart that I write these words of caution, for a bitcoin scam. Unfortunately, some of our
customers have fallen victim to a

sophisticated Bitcoin Scam

. This individual or individuals are
posing as a local energy provider, Xcel Energy. They contact individuals, typically small
business owners, and

impersonate an Xcel Energy representative

. The fraudster(s) seem always
to operate the same way- they inform their victim that the victim is behind on their bill and will
have their service shut off unless they settle the outstanding amount. The fraudster will then
inform them that

Xcel Energy accepts bitcoin payment

for the customer’s convenience and direct
the victim to send bitcoin to an address provided by the fraudster.
If the fraudster’s unsuspecting victim chooses to send bitcoin to the provided address, there is
very little hope of recovery. For that reason, prevention is the best medicine. When you transact
at one of our kiosks, keep the following in mind:
 Utility companies do not accept bitcoin as payment as a general rule.
 Companies that do accept bitcoin will have a separate online portal for processing
 Companies that accept bitcoin will have a webpage dedicated to providing instructions to
their customers. Make sure you find that page before sending payment for any goods or
services and follow the directions provided thereon.
 Do not send bitcoin to an address provided by an individual representative. This is the
most common form of impersonation.

Please keep this advice in mind when using our kiosks and if there is ever any doubt, then you
are welcome to reach out to us here at Modern Tender by emailing or
by giving us a call.