Hosting A Bitcoin ATM

There is a number of different bitcoin ATM types on the market. Each Bitcoin ATM operator typically uses only one manufacturer. When a business (hosts) wish to add a Bitcoin ATM to their storefront they should consider not only the operator they choose to work with but also the Bitcoin ATM type being used. The machine needs to fit the host businesses decor and revenue per square foot calculations as well considering the machines security measures.

Genesis bitcoin ATM models

The Satoshi model from Genesis Coin is one of the most popular machines due to low cost and relatively small size compared Genesis’s first generation model (this model can be called “Satoshi2” or “two-way Satoshi1”, which refers to the same product). The first generation model Genesis1 was a large bitcoin machine similarly looking to many traditional bank ATMs (it uses Genmega hardware), which supported two-way operations. The lighter version – Satoshi machine was smaller, but with a large 21″ screen. It supported only buy bitcoin operations.

The company later launched a cheaper two-way version using the same kiosk box as Satoshi1, but with an additional bill dispenser integrated. This allowed them to provide a cheaper buy/sell bitcoin atm than the Genesis1. All bitcoin machines from Genesis Coin product line use the same software and back-end.

Satoshi bitcoin ATM


  • Large 21″ screen
  • Bill acceptor / dispenser
  • Thermal printer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Dedicated camera


  • While it’s smaller than the original genesis it is still quite large at 18″ wide, 23″ deep, 65″ tall
  • There are no internal vaults making them targets for thieves
  • This may be personal preference but they’re not very attractive.

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM models

The Douro II is Lamassu’s newest model of the original cash to Bitcoin machine, which was the Bitcoin ATM that jump-started the industry. Lamassu has always sought make it tantalizingly easy to obtain Bitcoins via a machine and invented the Bitcoin ATM to do just that.

The new Douro II is as shapely, elegant and, Apple-esque as its predecessor, but with the bells and whistles of our new line of next-generation bitcoin atm’s. As in the larger Sintra, the new Douro II utilizes Lamassus ssuboard, a custom computer board with battery backup, 3G connectivity, and tamper sensors.

Douro Bitcoin ATM


  • User-experience: this machine is known for its very easy buy bitcoin process in 15 seconds
  • Design: the machine looks very nice, especially with the updated screen size to 10″
  • Two-way optional: when needed can be converted to two-way bitcoin ATM by purchasing additional Santo Tirso stand, which is however quite expensive as well.
  • KYC/AML: according to recent announcements, the company has integrated with IdentityMind, while the full details of what kind of checks can be done are not clear. As the machine doesn’t have a camera, there is a possibility to scan ID doc using the scanner
  • 8mm Steel safe deters would-be thieves.


  • Price: quite expensive compared to other solutions