How to Use A Bitcoin ATM

How To Use A Bitcoin ATM

How To Use A Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin Wallet

Learning how to use a Bitcoin ATM is the simplest way to join the global digital economy.
Before heading to a ModernTender Bitcoin ATM, you will need a Bitcoin Wallet.

You can use any Bitcoin Wallet with ModernTender Bitcoin ATMs. Please ensure the wallet is for Bitcoin and not for Bitcoin Cash or another cryptocurrency. ModernTender recommends trying one of these Bitcoin Wallet Apps, that can be downloaded on your smartphone.

Using a Bitcoin ATM

Now that you have your Bitcoin Wallet setup, you're ready to use the ModernTender Bitcoin ATM. Look for the nearest Bitcoin ATM to you.

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Select start for the simple 3 steps to buying Bitcoin.
How To Use A Bitcoin ATM 2
If using an app select request and scan QR code.
How To Use A Bitcoin ATM 3
Scan the barcode on the back you Drivers License.
How To Use A Bitcoin ATM 4
How To Use A Bitcoin ATM 5
Press send, funds will be transferred instantly.
How To Use A Bitcoin ATM 6
This is your receipt, take a photo.

Troubleshooting Using Bitcoin ATM

The most common issue is scanning Colorado ID's made in 2017 as the barcode is not well defined. If you are experiencing issues with this ID try slowly sliding the ID from left to right in the middle of the scan window. The ID should scan, if it doesn't with in 5 to 10 seconds place your ID at the bottom of the scan window and cover with your hands or a white piece of paper.

Have any questions about how to use a Bitcoin ATM. For live support give us a call at 303-900-3381 or Tweet us @ModernTender.

If you have general questions, you can email us at